Cream the rabbit dating sim who is john corbett dating now

This is not my real name of course as my profile is named after a pet rabbit that I used to have.

Age: Let's just say I'm not at school anymore, and now work.

Some Aries men have a roving eye, which is not an attractive quality, so to keep him playing in his own back yard, keep your body sleek, your lingerie sexy (a few skimpy pieces in his favorite color, red, would be a good idea) and the lights low (candlelight is perfect--Aries rules fire).

Most of all, keep him guessing because he loves the thrill of the chase. Cook him a spicy dinner, perhaps something Tex Mex--or--just tease him by putting a jalapeno pepper in your mouth and dare him to bite it gently (a la 9 1/2 Weeks).

Junkies and people who think their better than you. Fav food: steak pie, chinese food, dominos pizza, salads, chicken, lots of crips, sweets and chocolate.

Fav video games: The Legend Of Zelda (mostly all of them), Sonic the hedgehog (mostly all of them) Pokemon games (defo all of them, loved playing everyone single one of them!

Not much is known about the life of Young Spax except for some details.

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Infamously known for his absolutely terrible game reviews and his reactions to any criticism i.e.the Maiden's Gift works in one of two ways, either on contact or after a set amount of time has gone by the gift will explode dealing DMG and knock back to foes.if players tap "Down" "B", Maiden's Gift will become time sensitive, exploding after a few seconds.Hair colour: naturally brownie blonde but I died it red.Likes: animals, food, sleep, video games, music, going on holiday, romance, the night sky, cars, discussing topics such as ghosts, aliens ect. Dislikes: Cheats, bullies, smell of ciggerette smoke, wasps, mostly all bugs.

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