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According to one job description,[3] the chief resident is nominated by residents and his or her roles include preparing rotas, scheduling teaching rounds, organising the educational programme, organising resident meetings, acting as resident advocate, liaising with senior staff, and orienting new residents.

Personal accounts of the job often emphasise the pastoral support given to trainees and the responsibility of the chief resident to cover any gaps in on-call rotas and service provision.[4] In the United Kingdom, the post of senior registrar is now obsolete, although there are still senior trainees who fulfil some of the roles described above.

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By the way it is true that KC has the world’s best barbecue. I have enjoyed my time at IU with the 4-hospital system and the diversity of knowledge I have been exposed to, including Quality Improvement and Patient Safety.

I chose to apply for the chief residency in that field as I see it as burgeoning field in medicine where it’s importance and ability to improve patient care is slowly but surely being recognized.

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