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Instead, it's a bit of a rant: an essay about the ways in which women's bodies are presented in popular culture.

"I turned and looked at the reaction of my colleagues and I realized that this is something important, so I decided to write about it."The essay, penned for the Walker Art Center's Artist Op-Ed series, takes on an entertainment system that values little more than youth and sex in its female performers."Every female singer must compete in an infinite game of provocation," she writes. The goal is to put everything on display, always setting a new challenge with a higher bar: who can show more and more, who can achieve the most extreme contortions in the most acrobatic way."If you needed evidence that Tijoux is not your average rapper, the fact that she's penning op-eds about female objectification for the website of a major Minneapolis museum might be Exhibit A. WATCH: Tijoux's lyrics regularly touch on politics in ways that recall the Latin American protest music of the '70s.

(While “suggested a penis cam” might seem like a creative flourish in a gossip report about another actor, for La Beouf it just seems like the latest performance-art flourish in this increasingly wacky career phase.)Per the filmmaker Lars] von Trier to put a camera on his penis while filming, so that audiences could have the full experience,” said an insider, but it would have been too much for viewers. —which is full of scenes depicting full penetration, anal sex, and a montage of flaccid penises—we doubt that von Trier nixed any suggestion on the grounds of it being “too much for viewers.” And secondly, doesn’t it seem that if this were an actual suggestion, it would have been nixed on the grounds of practicality—can Go Pros or their high-def equivalents actually be affixed to genitals—rather than it being too much?

Even without the penis cam, we can confirm that von Trier succeeds in getting extremely up close and personal during some of his sex scenes.

Neighbors complained about noisy visitors loitering on their porches in the early morning hours, urinating and smoking marijuana, the local community board said.

SHIA LABEOUF ARRESTED OUTSIDE NEW YORK MUSEUM “The installation created a serious and ongoing public safety hazard for the museum, its visitors, its staff, local residents and businesses,” the museum said in a statement.

We remember the 1990s as the age of identity politics, promulgating myriad projects looking at race and gender – and sometimes dealing with sexual orientation.

This begs the question “why make this LGBTQ exhibition now?

is about representation, sexual orientation, gender identity expression, society, and community.

The members of the communities pictured self-identify across a broad spectrum of sexuality, gender roles, race, class, culture and politics.

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