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Nevertheless, when the surface details are so fun, outgoing and energetic it’s hard to see what these two really have to argue about – and that can often wind up being the problem.

It’s learning how to argue over the really important values they both hold dearly, in different domains, that can actually save their camaraderie in the long term.

People born under this zodiacal sign are very extrovert and like to have fun together.

Gemini and Leo are very similar if we pay attention to intelligence, so they can enjoy great conversations together.

Leo and Gemini both believe if you can’t make a fun time of it, then you may as well be doing something else in life.

There’s a lot to be said for two people who are eager to be the reason to look forward to the next time they meet up with one another, always.

The Sun vs Mercury - The Sun is your planet, Mercury is his.

Your warmth and honesty will be something that he easily adapts to, and when he does, his wit and charm will be a source of joy for both of you.

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It is also important to understand that, if they want any kind of relationship to work out, none of them has to be more brilliant than the other –take into account that they both want to be the center of attention, especially Leo.Fire vs Air - The Fire and Air signs pair very well, and in the case of Leo (fire) and Gemini (air) it's not hard for him to fan a spark into a roaring, passionate blaze within you.He's very good at giving what you need, and you stimulate him to reach greater heights.Gemini and Leo soon discover that they have a lot in common; they have the same sense of humour and enjoy stimulating and witty conversation.They are both imaginative and creative and will seldom be bored with each other.

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