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Through the dim lighting, I see slight features of each face. Kids are out on the large balcony-type structure, while some are sitting on the sidelines, or hanging out in the middle of dance floor. It eats away your mind, or rather, your thoughts, until every other action in front of you reminds you of CTY, so much that you continue to talk, think, and even write about CTY incessantly.

The vibe of the band is really strong on this show and was my favorite performance from the band yet.

She said: 'Obviously there is a person, or a group of people behind this that were essentially terrorising me.

I don't want to sound alarming, but certainly that's how I felt.'I'm an artistic person, I'm very expressive.

With their next date in MA being at the Tsongas arena in Lowell in May, we definitely wanted to check out their show in Boston last week!

Starting out the set with the current single the band played a large part of their set before even saying a few words to the audience which Matt Healy mentioned, saying ‘Sorry that first bit of the show, we’re really serious we don’t talk to anyone’.

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