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The number of rows added via the bulk import was just over the limit to trigger an auto-update of statistics for the next query, which I showed.I had many people ask why statistics did not update immediately after the bulk load of the 25,000 rows completed, so I want to step through the demo that I did at Summit to clarify when an automatic update will occur.The customer was evaluating a new 2-socket, 8 core, X64 system running Solaris, as a replication slave in an environment consisting of older systems running Linux.When they introduced the new slave, they found that it was unable to keep up with its replication load during their peak periods, and it took hours to catch up once the traffic dropped.After review, it may be pushed to the relevant source trees for release in the next version.You can access the patch from: 2735 Kristofer Pettersson 2008-09-08 Bug#38551 query cache can still consume [very little] cpu time even when it is off.

If you'll want to update your objects frequently, we recommend that you primarily use object versioning for the following reasons: For more information about object versioning, see Updating Existing Objects Using Versioned Object Names.

If your data is updated so often that queries would never last in the cache, or the same query is run so infrequently that it's not useful to cache it, then you're just wasting huge amounts of memory and CPU time checking and invalidating cache entries on every Is there a way to turn off the query cache just for selected tables?

90% of my tables are updated so often that they wouldn't need query cache, but the other 10% might never be updated, so query cache might be useful for them.

To determine which objects viewers have requested, enable Cloud Front access logging.

Hello, I've got this question about query cache in mysql 4 - when I do query like this: SELECT SQL_CACHE column_a FROM table_a WHERE column_a = 'const'; and then I update table like this: UPDATE table_a SET column_b = column_b 1; cache entry is invalidated and deleted (I hope, I understood mysql sources correctly - I made just a quick look into

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