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New swingers party app lets couples connect with other like minded couples interested in swinging. Its time you upgrade your couples experience with new technology in the market.The swingers app is one of the most happening things that could have ever been created for people in a swinging lifestyle or already living the buzz.The documents do not address how many users might be affected, whether they include Americans, or how often, with so much information collected automatically, analysts would see personal data. does not profile everyday Americans as it carries out its foreign intelligence mission,” the agency said in a written response to questions about the program. Two top-secret flow charts produced by the British agency in 2012 show incoming streams of information skimmed from smartphone traffic by the Americans and the British. Even sophisticated users are often unaware of how smartphones offer a unique opportunity for one-stop shopping for information about them.This cartoon of a fairy accompanies a “top secret” NSA document about smartphones. The streams are divided into “traditional telephony” — metadata — and others marked “social apps,” “geo apps,” “http linking,” webmail, MMS and traffic associated with mobile ads, among others. “By having these devices in our pockets and using them more and more,” said Philippe Langlois, who has studied the vulnerabilities of mobile phone networks and is the founder of the Paris-based company Priority One Security, “you’re somehow becoming a sensor for the world intelligence community.” Smartphones almost seem to make things too easy.This amazing application helps you stay in touch with people you wish to and see what’s going on their life in terms of swinging lifestyle. Why do you need a mobile application to enjoy your swinging lifestyle when you can meet all kinds of people at swinging parties, cruises and other gatherings?There are a number of swinger clubs, and agencies that organize amazing swinging parties, where you can meet new people and know about their interests in a face to face conversation.Swing Stars are the band everyone is talking about!Young and stylish with a unique feel to their sound and image this swing band is one step ahead of others.

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In their globe-spanning surveillance for terrorism suspects and other targets, the National Security Agency and its British counterpart have been trying to exploit a basic byproduct of modern telecommunications: With each new generation of mobile phone technology, ever greater amounts of personal data pour onto networks where spies can pick it up. And while he expressed concern about advertising companies that collect information on people to send tailored ads to their mobile phones, he offered no hint that American spies routinely seize that data.According to dozens of previously undisclosed classified documents, among the most valuable of those unintended intelligence tools are so-called leaky apps that spew everything from users’ smartphone identification codes to where they have been that day. Nothing in the secret reports indicates that the companies cooperate with the spy agencies to share the information; the topic is not addressed. The efforts were part of an initiative called “the mobile surge,” according to a 2011 British document, an analogy to the troop surges in Iraq and Afghanistan. The scale and the specifics of the data haul are not clear. Some personal data, developed in profiles by advertising companies, could be particularly sensitive: A secret 2012 British intelligence document says that spies can scrub smartphone apps that contain details like a user’s “political alignment” and sexual orientation. can view “metadata” of Americans’ phone calls — the routing information, time stamps and other data associated with calls.* Band members have worked with Justin Timberlake, Michael Buble, Motown legend Lamont Dozier and Jamie Cullum!The ultimate function band taking you through the ages of Swing and Jazz to the music we all love to dance to from Soul, Motown, Rock ‘n’ Roll and much more.

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