Outlook appointment tracking not updating

She added a bunch of meetings in her Outlook but they were not showing up in his Outlook.

I ended us clicking on "Update Folder" under "Send/Receive", this actually forced it. Is there an auto-sync setting that I need to check?

Sometimes circumstances change between the time a meeting is scheduled and the time it actually occurs.

These changes need to be brought to the attention of the attendees.

After creating a meeting and inviting attendees for the meeting, you can track the meeting responses which attendees have accepted or declined the meeting request.

In this article, we will show you how to track meeting responses in Outlook.

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Regardless of the method you use to move the meeting, Outlook can automatically send an update to all attendees that includes a notice of the new day and time.

Or, when you request a read receipt for a message, the read receipt can be recorded on the original sent item.

The receipt can then be automatically moved to the Deleted Items folder or any other folder that you choose.

The organizer of a meeting thought an invitee had not accepted the meeting because the Response column under Tracking showed None.

The invitee said she accepted the meeting and choose not to send a response.

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