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Dating apps are full of contradictions, impersonal and intimate all at once, and “First Date” encompasses that.The episode unfolds as if it’s one linear timeline when it’s actually several dates smashed together and presented as one, one date blending into the next.We've got love on the brain — particularly small-screen love.

Well, usually they solve a problem that you never realised was, y'know, a problem.

- 100% completely free dating, thousands of singles from all parts of the world.

- Free to create your profile with photos, favorite list, ban list and blogs.

The first dating show in which the participants go on dates.... it is proven that pet owners prefer to build relationships with people who have pet as well.

In each episode, the owner of a dog will meet three candidates and their respective dogs with whom they will go on various dates to test if they can find love and if both dogs get along well.

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